Friday, June 29, 2012

Erin, Erin, Bo-Berin.....

Fe, Fi, Fo-Ferin....


Hey everyone!
My name is Erin Rose (yup, that's my first and last name), and I am Erika’s new assistant. By new I mean I graduated from college in May. So this is my first big kid job. :)
Me and Abe at the wax museum in Vegas

A little bit about me. I hate writing about myself, it’s just kind of awkward. But anyways, I grew up in the Houston area (Go Astro’s)! I was a band geek in high school, mainly because it was that or drill team, and I am not the most graceful. I played the flute, and was drum major.
Me :)

I ended up going to Stephen F. Austin State University for college. And our mascot was a Lumberjack, just thought I would mention that. (P.S. my high school mascot was a gander, which is a male goose, so I have some of the most random school t-shirts.) I majored in Music Ed for a while, but then I realized that kids kind of scare me, so what was I thinking teaching 60 of them at one time! What if I lost one or something! So I switched to Interior Design. Random I know, but I love it. I have a ton of fun doing it too.
Me in the fake jail at Kemah

What else...I'm kind of nerdy, super clumsy and my hair has been every color under the sun.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

26 will be 365 Days better than 25!

Don't get me wrong.... 25 was pretty fantastic! For those of you following "E's Cup of Tea," you witnessed some of my amazing adventures.  But 25 turned into a whirlwind where I felt like one of those cartoon characters desperately hanging onto a pole, a fence post, anything I could grasp while a tornado was using all of it's force to pull me into the wind.  Finally, I had to let go and the past 6 months have spun around me so fast, I can't believe it's already the end of June.

So, here's a welcome back for myself to the blogging world. And with this formal reintroduction, you'll see some amazing changes!

1. A new blog!  Time to update, change, start over, and reinvent! Decrospective is a going to be a retrospective (get it?!?) to all events in my life - the important, the crazy, the funny, simplistic, kind, loving, the meaningful adventures that shape my every day. And don't forget, the design, my family, my love, the crafts, and the food!

2. I have an assistant!  Tomorrow you'll meet Erin Rose, my new design assistant at By Design Interiors fresh out of college. She's been working with me for about a month now, and I haven't scared her off yet! She'll be adding her own flavor to this blog and help keep you updated on some of the amazing things going on at By Design Interiors.

3. Check out the other pages!  Blogger allows you to have up to 10 pages on your blog. So don't skip my design Portfolio, the "Get Out!" section telling you about some amazing places to discover around the world, or the "Feed Me!" page. I love to eat and am hoping to catalog some of the amazing meals I've cooked and/or scarfed down!


Thank you so much to everyone who has been so incredibly supportive and loving over the past 2-1/2 years.... and longer!  Every compliment, word of encouragement, token of support, no matter how big or small, always has such an amazing impact on me!

Enjoy this journal of E's happenings and feel free to read, comment, submit, or poke fun at my adventures!

Here we go!